LAX return

A 5 day trip to California and Arizona started with a flight to LAX. Once again on the 747 🙂 PH-BFV was scheduled for my ride.

Before departure a few pictures taken from the terminal, gate Echo 24. PH-BFN arriving home.

Here the City of Vancouver, my ride to LAX 🙂

After boarding in my seat 44K. Here Johannesburg, PH-BFY arriving at the gate.

On downwind for LAX. Most KLM approaches into LAX use the via Las Vegas – San Bernardino – Ontario approach. Something different today, via Bakersfield – Santa Monica.

Hollywood sign visible in the mountains.

Famous In-N-Out Burger view

PH-BFV taxiing out and in takeoff roll back to AMS. I was boarding my flight to Phoeniz, AZ.

After a few days Arizona back @ LAX. Again on PH-BFV. Here Vancouver on the gate. Good view from the boarding area bar. Cheers mate!

Seated on 22K, most of the times “my seat”. Lovely view :mrgreen:

The returnflight engine start and takeoff from LAX back to AMS

Landing in Amsterdam

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