After 2 ‘grounded’ months it was time to fly blue again. An award ticket was booked to Dubai. An award ticket is a ticket where you pay with collected airmiles. So this was a practically free flight. And I must say, untill so far the best 20.000 airmiles spend! PH-BFS was my new frame this day! 18/22

DXB15b (22)

DXB15b (25)

DXB15b (28)

DXB15b (37)

DXB15b (44)

A few seconds before boarding the City of Seoul gave me a welcome kiss on my left arm 😉

DXB15b (57)

DXB15b (63)

DXB15b (67)

DXB15b (71)

After intersection takeoff on the Aalsmeerbaan (runway 18L)

DXB15b (95)

DXB15b (104)

Once again there was a very kind crew onboard today! The OCR (Overhead Crew Rest) isnt in use on those shorter flights. Nice opportunity to have a look

DXB15b (114)

Sunset from 44K

DXB15b (119)

Sunset from 44A

DXB15b (120)

DXB15b (126)

The very sweet crew surprised me once again, when I was watching a movie. They made and gave me a small memorable item, how sweet! Thank you so much again!


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