PH-BFR again! How unbelievable this is! Same registrations then my MEX flights! BFK on outbound flight, BFR on inbound flight! Out of 22 747s there are 15 Combi planes, and I got exactly the same combination twice within 2 months! Totally unhappy! I always fly out of Amsterdam on Saturday, and return on the next days flight. Now for a change I stayed an extra day… If I would have followed my normal procedure I at least would have flown BFW by now! :'(
It’s never bad to fly KLM, and absolutely not bad to fly a 747, but I like progress as this hobby is expensive enough (final complaint today 😛 ) Well this is the risk you take.

While doing some planespotting a, not on duty, police officer started to question me exactly when KLM came in to land 🙁






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