Today a flight was scheduled to Bangkok. We were supposed to stay in Thailand for a week. Unfortunately no new frame today. I was so happy last September flying PH-BFG, now I was flying here for the 3th time within half a year. But thats the risk of the hobby. Besides the registration this sight in front of The Blue Queen will never get bored!!


BKK (10)

BKK (14)

Almost all passengers were boarded, we were waiting for PH-BFT to return from Kuala Lumpur after a D-Check and repaint in the new KLM livery. Just awesome in the best light conditions to be possible! It was really hard getting the reflection of the terminal out of the windows. Still not a bad result in my opinion! Awesome!

BKK (35)

BKK (37)


BKK (42)

BKK (43)

On approach to Bangkok

BKK (61)

BKK (74)

BKK (88)

BKK (98)

BKK (109)

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