Spending miles

This weekend was used to try to fly a few more KLM Boeing 737’s. I was currently at 45 out of 54 so 9 more remaining. I’ve checked the registrations schedules, the fares and decided to fly my last Boeing 737-900, PH-BXT. It was scheduled to Rome on Friday morning, but this was rather expensive. Copenhagen was affordable, but it was flying the same night. Let’s book that one, clear my schedule and go!

After going through security I had to wait 2 hours, tried some night photography from inside the terminal

After some time PH-BXT arrived at my gate.

Boarding and proof of flight

Ready for push-back

Spend 6,5 hours overnight at CPH’s terminal, staying airside as I was returning to AMS on BXT the next day at 6 AM. Was reading, watching a movie and some nightspotting from CPH’s terminals.

After our takeoff back to Amsterdam we got to see the first rays of daylight, which is always really nice!

After arrival in Amsterdam I checked KLM’s schedules again, wanting some more new registrations. Helsinki had 2 new registrations, PH-BCK and PH-BCL. I’ve booked the flights after arrival and walked to the gate of departure right away. Let’s fly again after 2 hours ! Yes!

First time flying during day-time enjoying coffee

After arrival in Helsinki I’ve tried to do some spotting, at least see PH-BCK return to Amsterdam, but it was raining and visibility was so bad, I decided to go to my hotel. As I hardly got sleep the night before it’s time to take some rest! Well, I stil got a pic of BCK taxiing out for departure.

This A321P2F of SmartLynx was in Copenhagen during the night, so was I. Here we meet again.

The next morning I had a 7 AM departure back to Amsterdam. PH-BCL didnt show up, but PH-BCH did, well she was a new toy for me as well 🙂 Happy I got another new registration once again.

After departure getting through the clouds we were in the sunrise instantly, resulting in beautiful photographs

I spotted a Boeing 747 next to us, this was B-1340 of Suparna Airlines also going to Amsterdam, but it was flying much faster

Descending into Amsterdam

After landing I spend a few hours spotting, also photgraphing this PH-BCH once again and a very special National Airlines Boeing 747-400

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